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War In Imo As Araraume Hits Back At Gov Hope Uzodinma

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The Okigwe APC Senate candidate, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, have hitted back at the Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma, over comments credited to him at a rally organized for his sacked candidate, Frank Ibezim.

Araraume made the reaction through his media team and it reads as follows;

Our attention have been drawn to the statement credited to the governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma as to who the authentic candidate of the APC for the forthcoming Imo North senatorial election is.

The governor while addressing the people at Ibezim’s illegal campaign rally at Okigwe LGA today, Thursday, 3rd December, 2020, told Frank Ibezim thus “I want to assure you the party is with you. It is very clear. Let’s says those who came here and conducted the primaries. We’ve concluded the primaries and all of us congratulated the man who won and some people went to Ekeonunwa and collected a court order. We shall know if that court order shall fly over Ariaria market”.

It is so unfortunate that the governor who swore to uphold and protect the law and constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the one violating them by openly campaigning for a man who is not a candidate of any party for the forthcoming bye election according to the ruling of court of competent jurisdiction. One wonders why Uzodinma who became governor through the ruling of court would turn around to discredit the same court by likening her ruling to market women’s decision. What a mockery to a sacred temple of justice?

In the first instance, is Hope Uzodinma supposed to attend any rally other than the one organized by Ifeanyi Araraume whom the court recognised as the authentic and legitimate candidate of the APC for the senatorial election rendering Ibezim’s candidacy as illegitimate and illegal? Isn’t this attitude displayed by the governor a contempt of court?

Our dear governor, Hope Uzodinma went further to say that Nlemigbo who was sacked by the court was the authentic Chairman of APC in Imo State, in utter contravention of the recent appeal court’s ruling in favour of Dan Nwafor. Is this not another contempt of court by the governor? 

Moreover, going by the confidence with which the governor spoke when he said “we shall see if the court order shall fly over Ariaria market” he has given the impression that he is privy to the judgement of the appeal court over the case which is slated for tomorrow, Friday, 4th December, 2020. Otherwise, why should he preempt the court by declaring Ibezim the authentic candidate of the party sealing same with action by attending such illegitimate rally?

The governor knows very well that Araraume’s name is on the ballot according to high court and therefore as the head of a government institution, he is not supposed to endorse any other person until a higher court decides otherwise. In a saner clime, such endorsement of unconstitutionality and illegality by the executive governor would earn him appropriate sanctions which may include impeachment and possible conviction if found guilty.

To these regards therefore, we wish to draw the attention of the Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC), Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and the Appeal Court of Nigeria to take note of these ugly incidents especially as the governor has preempted the Appeal Court by declaring Ibezim the winner and authentic candidate of the APC contrary to the ruling of the high court which subsists hithertho and ahead of the Appeal Court’s Judgement.

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