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US Election 2020: Don’t Jump Into Pre-mature Conclusion, See Who Is Likely To Win Between Trump And Biden

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November 3rd is just around the corner as tension mounts on who will take the seat of office as America’s President and rule for 4 years. Do you think Donald Trump will retain his seat as America’s president or Joe Biden will replace him as America’s President? Time will tell. 

Presently, things are looking good for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden as he seems to be leading in the battleground states in recent polls, but things can change since Donald Trump the Republican candidate is involved. 

So Far, 85 million Americans has voted which is more than the total number of votes cast early in the 2016 election. California makes the top list of states with highest early voters (9.1 million) followed by Texas (9 million), and Florida (7.8 million). This figures can change with time. 

It would interest you to know that Five million young people between the ages of 18-29 are part of the early voters and it can be more in the coming days which surpasses that of the 2016 election.

Do you think the coronavirus has prompted the rise in early voters in the US election 2020? It would seem the answer is yes as some states has been seen to implement ballot drop boxes so as to prevent people from going to crowded polling station in order to curtail the spread of the dreaded disease. 

Joe Biden’s stand on key issues in the country seems promising for American citizens as he promises to do the following if he becomes America’s next president. 

1. Raise minimum wage and invest in green energy which is a good plan for employment in the country. 

2. Provision of free testing for all American citizens and hire of 100,000 people to set up a national contact-tracing in regards to the coronavirus. 

3. Criminal justice reform and grants for minority communities. 

4. Rejoin global climate accord to curb emissions. 

5. Restoring America reputation by attending to the national issues first. 

6. Expansion of public health insurance scheme. 

7. Reversing Trump policies on Immigration. 

If Joe Biden wins the election, there might be a positive change in America, which would contradict that of Donald Trump administration. 

Donald Trump has expressed negation on the plans of Joe Biden on his Twitter handle. Which is shown in the images below. 

Does Age play a big role in good governance? In Nigeria, Age is seen as a great problem in leadership as bad governance is blamed on old age, but America case might be different, as if Joe Biden becomes America’s next president, he would be the first oldest president of America. Below are the reactions people had to that fact on twitter. 

In conclusion, the coming days would be tense as Americans go out to vote the next president. I leave you with this question, who do you think would win the presidential election?

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