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Upror: Ghananian man who married a white lady 30 years his senior gets sacked

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Rodney Cudjoe, a Ghanaian in his 30s has been reportedly sent packing from the United Kingdom after he got married to a 68-year-old white lady from the United Kingdom.

After a series of conversation, a love affair between the duo started.

The report further stated that Beth Hainling, the 68-year-old grandmother, had flown to Ghana in August 2015 while the affair between the two lovers was still hot.

The 68-year-old narrated how she saw Rodney Cudjoe as very charming that she slept with him the very first day she arrived in Africa to meet the young Ghanaian musician.

Soon after her arrival in the West African country, the relationship blossomed into a full relationship when she was given a surprise marriage proposal and wedding by her Ghanaian lover.

“I was a bit lonely as my sister Gaynor had died a couple of years earlier and my mum had been diagnosed with dementia. But Rodney was very friendly and chatty. We got on well,” she recalls.

After the events in Ghana, Rodney flew in 2017 to join his beloved wife in the United Kingdom.

It was learnt that while their mother was in love, her two children were not happy with the relationship and did not support it.

Soon after his arrival in UK, things began to fall apart.

Beth alleged that the Ghanaian loverboy kept demanding too much from her and was always not satisfied with whatever she did.

Beth further recounted that her now ex-lover fraudulently took more than £18,000 on different expenses and she had had enough, which was why she forced him to leave back to Ghana.

This young man trended on social media as photos from his low-key wedding with his old white lady surfaced online.

The said wedding photos were shared on Instagram by renowned broadcaster, Abeiku Santana.

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