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Sex workers stranded and in tears following FCT authorities demolishing of popular brothel

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Many sex workers were stranded on Wednesday, September 16, when the Federal Capital Territory Administration demolished a popular brothel, Chris Garden and Guest Inn, at Dakibiu, Jabi, a suburb of Abuja.

It was reported that owners and occupants of structures in the community had been given demolition notices asking them to vacate. As early as 9 a.m yesterday, the streets of Dakibiu were flooded with people, including residents who were trying to cart away their properties before officials arrived with bulldozers.

When the bulldozers finally arrived before noon accompanied by FCDA officials armed policemen and journalists, the first stop was the popular brother, situated at the north end of Dakibiu.

Within 15 minutes, the structure holding about 36 rooms were demolished as the sex workers and other occupants watched in agony.

According to Premium Times, some commercial sex workers were still packing their belongings when the exercise started.

One of the sex workers, Kate, who spoke to PT, claimed they were not given adequate notice before the demolision exercise.

“This is unfair, at least they should have given as at least two weeks to pack out and find another place to stay,” she said.

After the exercise, scavengers started prowling the debris for valuables, picking rods and some other building materials.

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