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See The Recent Photos Of The Wife Of Frence President, Emmanuel Macron Who Is 24 Years Older Than Him

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Emmanuel Macron, the current president of France has been an inspiration to a lot of young people around the world. This is because of what he was able to achieve at his age. He is currently 43 years old, and is happily married to his wife Brigitte Macron. However, there is something about Emmanuel Macron’s wife that a lot of people are not aware of. She is 67 years old, and this means that she is 24 years older than her husband, the president. It is very difficult to find presidents who their wives are way older than them these days.

According to them, they both met when Emmanuel Macron was 15 and she was 39 years old. She was his Literature and Drama teacher in school. Back then, Macron’s parents weren’t in support of their closeness, so they took their son to a new school. This didn’t put an end to their relationship as Emmanuel Macron went on to marry Brigitte in 2007 a year after she got divorced from her first husband.

Emmanuel Macron took responsibility of her children as well as her grandchildren. Brigitte Macron has always been in full support of Emmanuel Macron since he started campaigning. He ended up winning the election to become one of the youngest president of France, and his 67 year old wife Brigitte was there. She has often spoken about how lots of people have criticised their relationship because of the age difference between her and the President.

Check out some recent photos of her

The duo appear to really be in love, and it was reported that Brigitte quit her teaching Job to fully assist her husband who is now the president of France. This shows how much she loves her husband, because it takes love for a person to abandon his/her passion to support their partner.

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