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See Quick Move Tinubu Can Make To Win 2023 Presidency – Opinion

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Around 2023, there’s not much discussion about Bola Tinubu becoming a top candidate for the election if he chooses to bid for it.

But looking at the country’s current economic condition under the Administration headed by the APC, do you think that Tinubu will win the presidential election under the APC? In the comment section below, I will be glad to hear your thoughts / answers.

For myself, I do not consider APC to be the best party for Tinubu, which is to contest the country’s existing economic conditions, including the continual increase in food, electricity and petroleum prices which runs counter to what APC promised Nigerians in its campaign manifestos.

I believe strongly that many Nigerians as myself are no longer trusting in APC and their “shift” and “next step” slogan. That is why Tinubu is significantly weakened if he does not step rapidly by defecting in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) before 2023 or by nominating a nominee for the PDP.

This may sound unbelievable, but it’s the best move for Tinubu and also for the sake of Nigerians. Due to Tinubu ‘s vast background of political leadership relative to the other politicians who are willing to run for 2023, and since he has all he wants to make things great again in Nigeria, Tinubu would be a stronger president. Thus, if he defects before 2023, he will secure the 2023 presidency.

If you wonder why I said that the PDP is Tinubu’s best party to compete for President, here’s my reason: whatever the fall in oil prices, life costs are much worse than what we had before the APC administration came to power compared to the Nigerians’ average income, and this is why many Nigerians like me regard PDP as a better alternative to the APC to take over the leadership.

The PDP is more likely to win the presidential election of 2023, and Tinubu must struggle to win the PDP if it wants to win. He is a tough candidate but would find it difficult to win if he choose to run under the APC.

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