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“Retire and leave Argentina alone, enough is enough”: fans blast Lionel Messi as Argentina win 2-1

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Argentina played their second match in this international break against Bolivia after playing against Ecuador a few days back, where the only goal from Lionel Messi gives Argentina the three points.

The match between Argentina and Bolivia seems to work over for Argentina in the sight of many fans as Brazil recently trashed them 5-0, but everything didn’t work out well at the start.


The match started with both teams trying to come out victorious at the end but Argentina was brought under pressure when Bolivia score in the 24th minutes, it was a hard fight between both sides as Argentina try to bring everything back to normal and in the 45th minutes just before the break Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez finds the back of the net and equalized the goal.


After the first half break, the match becomes more interesting as both teams are looking for a goal to be ahead of the other. Lionel Messi wasn’t able to do justice to this but his presence alone cause more havoc on any defensive line.

 In the 79th minutes just when the match is drawing near to a close Lautaro Martinez assist Correa to grab the winner for Argentina


Argentina secured the three points in their battles in the world cup qualifier.

  However, despite the win and three points, Argentina got from the match many fans have to take time to express how they feel about the match.

The crazy of all was the guy criticizing and blasting Lionel Messi to retire and never play for Argentina again, no one knows why this guy said that since Lionel Messi didn’t play below expectations.

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