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Meet The Igbo Man Who Owns The Most Beautiful And Expensive House In Nigeria (Photos

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Upon all the beautiful and expensive houses in Nigeria, yet there is still one building which happens to be the most beautiful and expensive. This building has attracted the attentions of people all over the nations due to its unique architectural designs. And according to information, the building has been declared as the most beautiful and expensive building currently in the nation of Nigeria. It will be good to hear that this wonderful building is owns by a typical Nigerian Igbo man. In the case of this article, i shall be sharing with you some beautiful pictures of this mansion, the owner and as well as the owner’s wife and children.

Before i share the pictures with you, let me first of all tell you about some things which you should know about this house’ owner. This beautiful mansion here is own by a professional Nigerian businessman, Mr Okwudili Umentiora who happens to be a professional architect. The building is located at Lekki phase one in Lagos state, Nigeria. According to history, it took the builders a good four years to completed the building and gulped huge fortune which is estimated to worth $10million into the building. If ordinary materials inside the hose could cost this huge amount of money, then imagine how much the whole building would cost.

The house has been described and recognized as the most sophisticated, beautiful and expensive building presently in Nigeria. Some of the features which you can find inside the house includes; Elevators, indoor swimming pool, floor television, vehicles parking space and as well as a garage with amazing decorations. Rumor has it that the house is being manage and maintained by five housekeepers which one of them happens to a Philippine woman.

The owner of the house, Mr Okwudili Umenyiora popularly known as Mr Dilly is the proud owner and as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Dilly Motors. He is currently married to the love of his heart and their union is blessed with two wonderful kids. Having brief you about Mr Okwudili Umenyiora and the house features, i present to you some beautiful pictures of the house and its owner. Checkout the stunning pictures below:

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