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Meet Billonaire Otedola’s First And Second Wife That Gave Birth To His Children (Photos)

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The patterns have been with his family since last month, billionaire Femi Otedola. The social media last month saw DJ Cuppy posting pictures of her dad purchased for her and her two sisters from Ferrari Portofino. She tagged the pictures – Papa took us and purchased us a single one – and the internet caught fire at once, and thousands of Nigerians reacted on the post, including celebrities.

Her two sisters Temi and Tolani shared the pictures and thanked their father on their own social media pages. The combined prize of the 3 Ferraris is expected to be 240 million naira and since then Otedola ‘s love-show for his daughters has been sung by Nigeria’s entire social media field.

As we all know, Otedola is one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria-one of the richest men in Nigeria to include in Forbes ‘ list of the wealthiest. He is a wealthy businessman who has accumulated his fortune in the oil and gas industry, despite investments in other industries. He is Zenon Petroleum and Gas Limited CEO and former Forte Oil Plc Chairman.

Femi Otedola has four kids-Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola (DJ Cuppy, the disco jockey producer) and a successful fashion blogger, Temi Otedola, the musician’s Olawunmi Christie Otedola (the only son of his family, Fewa Otedola), who is mentally ill, named autism.

While Tenola is a singer, her two sisters are not so famous, so people don’t talk too much about her. Yesterday after their father’s surprise donations, she aroused public concern. Ok, let ‘s say some people didn’t know before that time that the same mother may not share it with her other three brothers. Currently, his father had her before his wife got married and he had DJ Cuppy and the other two.

So, even though his present wife is that which everyone knows, the four children Otedola actually born from two mothers. A lot of people seem to be unaware of Tenola ‘s mother, and many even feel that his present wife gave birth to all four children.

Let’s then look at the two women who bore him with their twins, of whom we all know. Who are those women, and why can’t we hear about the second woman?

1. Nana Otedola.

Nana is a Ghanaian, even though now through her marriage she is more of a Nigerian. She was born and began her career in London. She too has her own companies and never fails to fascinate us with its elegance.

See photos of her:

You can see how beautifully lovely she is.

Even if Nana is over 50 years old, she looks still young and amazing. She isn’t the sort who likes ads, but rather spends time with her family.

See her family and herself pictures:

Let ‘s move on to the woman who bore the first child of Otedola, Tenola.

2. Olayinka.

A few years back, Oteola’s first child Olawunmi Christie ‘s mother emerged on the scenes announcing that she was. She granted interviews to some Nigeria’s news sites and claimed that since her child was two years old, she had been refused access to her daughter. She said they hadn’t allowed her to see her daughter since she was 2 when Otedola ‘s family took her daughter away.

When she was 21, she said she and Femi began dating and she took in. But they both never got married because the relationship was not accepted by his family. Then Tenola is the kid they had.

See photos of Tenola, the child they had together:

Oh, it’s really good money. The power to choose is money. Once you have money in your pocket, you can choose to marry any woman you dream. As a young man still to marry, before he gets married, try to get some money. Since you’re not only marrying a female of your choosing, you will also be willing, as Femi Otedola does for his children, to give your children the best in life.

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