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Kris Jenner banned her kids from the internet after reality show aired

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Kris Jenner banned her kids from going on social media after their reality show first aired.
The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star urged her kids – including Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner – not to check the internet or social media when the programme first appeared on television screens as she didn’t want them to be “distracted by all the bulls**t and negativity”.
She said: “I tell my kids don’t get distracted by all the bulls**t and all the negativity and all the bad energy that can be sucked out of these social media platforms. Just go for the good. Stay true to who you and everything will fall into place. I told them when we first started doing our show don’t even go on the internet for awhile.”
And the 64-year-old television personality has updated her advice for her kids in the modern world, warning them to live honestly but “keep their eye on the road”.
She added: “I think this is a different time and a different generation and a different age that we live in that suddenly the whole world is opened up to social media. When I think back at it, when we first started doing our show and really being that transparent, there was barely Twitter. Nowadays, there’s a bigger audience but there’s more criticism. So I think you just have to learn to live as honestly as you can but keep your eye on the road.”
Kris believes being a mother is her “greatest accomplishment” and says that is what she’d like to be remembered by, rather than for her reality shows or celebrity status.

Speaking on podcast ‘InCharge with DVF’, she said: “That is what I would like to be known for most and first. I would like people to see me as a mother because that’s my greatest accomplishment and what I’m proudest of.
“A great mom and a great grandmother and just being a good person and just being out there trying to do good things in the world. I just want to be happy, be with the people you love and stay healthy. That’s the goal.”


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