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JUST IN: Upror As US President Donald Trump Almost Assassinated

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A 19-year-old British man named Michael Steven Sandford was arrested over the weekend after he reportedly tried to shoot and kill Donald Trump at a Las Vegas, Nevada rally !
A federal complaint against the teenager was filed on Monday as he faces one count of trying to commit physical violence on restricted grounds.

It all went down last Saturday when Sandford walked up to the rally at the Treasure Island Casino of a Vegas police officer Trump and pretended to ask for an autograph.

The Brit apparently noticed that the police gun was in an unlocked position and reached it before being caught and arrested with both hands!

The legal documentation states that the young man wanted “to kill Trump” and “the easiest way to acquire a gun to shoot Trump would be to reason [a police officer’s weapon].” The most frightening part? The complaint also states that he would try this again if Sandford “were on the street tomorrow.”

YIKES! The suspect allegedly told officers that for about a year he had wanted to kill Trump and was pretty sure he was going to lose his own life in the process.

While Michael was caught in the act, as a backup plan, he also purchased a ticket to the Phoenix, AZ rally.

With that the young man also told police that he went the previous Friday to the Battlefield Vegas shooting range to learn how to use a gun; later, authorities found evidence that this was true.

At the time, the Brit only had a UK driver’s license, but he apparently told Secret Service agents that he had been living in Hoboken, New Jersey, in the U.S. for a year. Unsurprisingly, on Monday, Sandford was denied bail in court. He has not entered a plea yet.

While there hasn’t been a word from the GOP nominee yet, we can’t even start thinking that anything like this could trigger fear. There is NO excuse for any form of abuse, regardless of whether or not you agree with him (you shouldn’t), or think he’s a deplorable guy (he is)!

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