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“I Just Got Sacked For Engaging In EndSARS Protest, Nigerian Man Cries Out

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Today, several ENDSARS Protests have been going round in Nigeria. Sadly for a young man from the northern part of the Country, he lost his job for engaging in the ENDSARS protest. He cried out to the public through his social media (twitter) page. His handle is Firstclas_King Sarki.

Sarki King narrated how he was fired by his boss saying:

“After being sacked from work earlier today, for just enrolling in the ongoing protest ENDSARS, I was threatened on phone by my former Boss.”

The young hausa man added that his Former Boss called him after firing him and began threatening him not to make the sack public. Sarki King continued saying, “I’m just scared and unsecured.”

Sarki King however said he wouldn’t relent. He said he has “decided to start up a self-employed business to avoid intimidation next time he chooses to speak for innocent Nigerian youths.” He added that he wouldn’t be able to mention his boss on Twitter but dropped his mobile number. Lastly, Sarki King said he’s now being motivated to speak up more and has been exposed to what self employment mean. According to him:

“Being sacked today made me realise that, working under someone is just a Slavery but, I’m now motivated more to still stand for the ENDSARS Protest.”

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