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I Have Hacked Into Account Of Over 2000 Access Bank Customers, Self Acclaimed Hacker Confeses

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Fear grips as lots Access Bank customers are withdrawing their money hastily after a Nigerian hacker identified as Ihebuzo Chris claimed that he has gained access to the bank’s database and has fetched over 2 000 customer’s date.

The data extracted included customers BVN, account numbers and other details.

But the hacker, based in Benin, blew his cover in the post as his name appeared on his computer screen, making him an easy pick for security agents such as the EFCC.

Some Nigerians mock him for exposing himself, with some saying, he could be playing with a long spell in jail.

“He’s not a good hacker…and I doubt if he actually hacked the bank cos if he did he won’t leave trails behind. Rule 1 of hacking: NEVER GET CAUGHT! He’s not been investigate properly but he has already left trails of being caught… IHEBUZO CHRIS!!!

“Ihebuzo Chris, 600 more years to your foolishness, for allowing people waste data Access bank”

“Ihebuzo Chris claimed he hacked into Access bank server and got details of customers informations Fact is, the guy is a lousy idiot. Hackers doesn’t reveal their details the way he did. His name is boldly written on his system, his voice is clear & his email is visible.

However, towards the end of the video, he claimed Access Bank already got in touch with him and said they could get in touch again for him to return all the details he possesses.

Access Bank, on the other hand, reacted to the viral video of the hacker assuring customers that there are no threats to their account.

“Criminals have posted pages purporting to contain customer account information. We’ve alerted law enforcement agencies and ask that you ignore the post. There is no threat to your account balances.

On his Twitter page, Ihebuzo describes himself as a ‘python’, a software developer. who can do amazing things with the web.

He has nine followers, while he follows 20 other people.

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