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Good News For Those Who Do Not Have A University Degree, Apple And Google Are Looking For You To Get Involved

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Launch of a set of training courses as part of the “Google Career Certification” training program

Technology companies, such as Google and Apple, are seeking to reverse the educational ladder by introducing new programs designed to encourage and develop the technological skills needed by students who have not gone to college.

In her article published by BusinessInsider, Lisa Edecico said: “These initiatives indicate that there is a historic opportunity for those who do not have a traditional university degree to develop their skills and gain profitable employment with the world’s largest technology giants.

The author quoted Tim Cook, CEO of “Apple”, who reported in 2019 that about half of his company’s employees in the United States last year “were people without a university degree”. According to the employment website “Glassdoor”, “Google, Apple and IBM are among the companies that do not require a university degree to get jobs in their work teams”.

But with more and more technology companies supporting alternative education or programming courses, experts say that “having a university degree is crucial in most fields. In this jurisdiction. “

Google and Apple have come a long way

The author notes that Apple and Google have changed education in recent months, the latter having launched a new set of training courses as part of its educational program called “Google Career Certificates”, which lasts about 6 months, which does not require participants to have prior experience .

The courses are designed to prepare those who have entered jobs in demand with an average annual salary of over $50,000. Google has recently launched new training courses in technology areas such as user experience design and data analysis.

The author noted that Apple announced the launch of a new initiative in February in Alabama called “Ed Farm” to help students, teachers and adults learn various programming skills.

In addition to the “Anyone Can Learn Programming” program, a program launched in 2016 to bring programming into schools, Apple announced a new training course in July to help teachers better understand programming to meet the demand for programming.

On several occasions, Apple and Google executives have indicated that “not having a university degree from a 4-year course does not prevent you from finding a job”.

Laszlo Bock, Google’s Senior Vice President of Recruitment who spent a decade with the company, told the New York Times in 2014 – that people who have not completed their education and have been able to make their mark in the world are exceptional. “We have to do everything we can to find them.”

There is likely to be a gap between the skills students acquire in school and those required in the future,” said Bock.

Cook: About half of Apple’s employees last year were without a university degree.

Technology companies are the exception

The author reiterated that the importance of universities goes beyond the academic skills you learn from them, according to experts. “Having a four-year college diploma is proof that you have the skills you need,” said Mark Sendela, founder and CEO of Laders. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, university and post-baccalaureate graduates tend to get paid. Higher than others. “

“Large companies like Apple and Google that are looking for specific technical skills and have huge resources have been an exception to this general approach,” adds Cindela.

What if your child doesn’t want a university degree?The author explained that if your child is considering pursuing another educational option, such as going to business school, you should have a dialogue with them about why they think the choice they’ve made is better than going to university.

“We need to consider our children’s personalities and interests, and what they can accomplish over time,” says Lynn Berger, a career coach and career transition consultant in New York City, in an interview with Business Insider.

According to Michael Horowitz, manager of the education system “The Community Solution”, companies like Apple that have promoted unconventional education are more likely to “hire someone with a university degree and technical training at the same time”.

This does not mean that seeking technical and business schools is not a viable option. In a related context, Horowitz stated that “although a university degree has become an important requirement for well-paying employment, vocational schools that offer programming and coding courses are legitimate and mandatory options.

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