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“Go And Jump In The Lagoon Or Hug Transformer If You’re Not Comfortable With What Bishop Kukah Said” FFK Punches Buhari

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The insecurity issue in Nigeria is attracting more and more attention from the ministers of the gospel among many other elites, even though to a minimal extend it may not affect them directly. The insecurity Nigeria is facing has been summarized into the Boko Haram terrorists, Kidnappers and Bandits. These are the top three groups causing mayhem in the country.

Recall that Bishop Kukah had made a statement about coup if it was not a Northerner that sits on the presidential seat. He said that the country is still the way it is with all the insecurity problems because s Northerner occupies the seat, but if it were another tribe that was on the seat, the Northerners would have planned a coup.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has shown support for what the Sokoto Catholic Bishop said, Bishop Kukah, that has been causing so many reactions from both Christians and Muslims on social media and even offline. Lai Mohammed also reacted to this as the minister of information and a Muslim, but the recent reaction is that of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode.

Many people have been applauding the Bishop, saying that he was bold to speak so much that many have said to be power. But the truth is like salt, smarts this government. Once you speak against the general course, you’re characterised as heating up the country; as being dangerous and on and on.

Others also made mention of the Bible and hoe men of God then we’re speaking up for the people and sometimes against the rulers, they said Kuka simply did what men of God did in the past. Who warned David wen he took the wife Uriah Basheba, it was Samuel, who warned Ahab & Jezebel when they took Neboth land, Elijah, who warned Herod when he took his brothers wife, John the Baptist etc.They’re all men of God. We need more of Kuka.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode in reaction to what Bishop Kukah said and what people have been saying about it, he stated that those who do not like or are not comfortable with what the Bishop said should to and jump in a lagoon. If they are not ready to accept the truth, they should either go and hug a transformer or jump in a lagoon.

He also said that Bishop Kukah courageously spoke the hard truth, the hard truth that many men of his may be afraid to speak about but with courage, Bishop Kukah did it. He said Bishop Kukah only spoke the truth and called a spade a spade. No Northerner would have been okay with the insecurities going on in the country if a southerner was the president of Nigeria.

Bishop Kukah had turned s major table and many people have agreed and bought into what he said. For the fact that the Northerners are not completely okay with is happening, they cannot do much because the president is one of them, but if the president wasn’t, they would have stood up and probably planned a coup.

Here is Chief Femi Fani-Kayode reaction to what people are saying about Bishop kukah and what he said;

“Bishop Kukah has courageously spoken the bitter truth & called a spade a spade. Those that are not comfortable with his words and are not ready to accept that truth should go & jump in the lagoon or hug a transformer. Kukah has said what I have been saying for the last 5 years!”

He also added that he had been saying this same thing for the last five years, he had been preaching the same message that the Northerners would not have accepted this height of insecurity from another person, but the president of their person so, they cannot do more.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has been one of those who say the truth whenever they see it, he has been nicknamed severally as Mr. Integrity because of how transparent he does everything and says everything, without holding back the truth whenever he sees it.

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