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From YEAA to TAN and now BMO

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The level of brownnosing in Nigeria is puzzling. Yesterday, it was Daniel Kanu and his Youth Earnestly Ask for Abacha, YEAA group and they gave us reasons why General Sani Abacha should transform from a soldier to contest elections and become a civilian president. They told Nigerians that Abacha was the only person fit to bring Nigeria out of the blues.

Small wonder, all traditional rulers in Nigeria bought the script and said that the democratic cap, “only fit General Sani Abacha.” Political parties abused Nigerians further, they adopted Abacha wholesale. The other day it was Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN. All they could tell us despite the huge resources made under Jonathan’s administration were road constructions that the Buhari administration in our time has to cover up. Many people were hoodwinked to be members of TAN.

The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO), in our time act like a political group, not one established to polish the image of the president and win friends for their principal. They appear as attack dogs whose major responsibility is to join issues with people who as much as dare to complain about the president’s style of governance.

Eventually when Buhari leaves office, they will become like YEAA, and TAN and history will catch up with them to be sure.

History will teach them the following lessons: That their leader created in-groups and out-groups in Nigeria and his stewardship benefited only a few and not the majority; also that their principal failed to listen Nigerians, to use his expertise in solving the numerous problems of Nigerians; that other than apple-polishing jingoism, they failed to tell Nigerians in concrete terms why their principal is a good leader.

Nigeria should be the first priority of the BMO over friendship but history has proven that for them it is personal relationships, reason they do not give credit and accept blame and never allow truth and facts be heard. They seem to have all of the answers to Nigeria’s problems without conducting AARs (after action reviews) to determine facts, not to issue blame.

I find it hard to understand why media people, some, do not bother about keeping everyone up to date and informed about events in the real sense and to encourage the sharing of ideas. Rather than listen, they only attack.


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