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Finally, Donald Trump Makes a U-Turn, Gives Approval For TikTok, Oracle Deal

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United States President, Donald Trump says he has given his approval for a deal between ByteDance’s TikTok and US owned Oracle Inc.

The approval gives the popular video sharing app a reprieve from a potential ban in the United States after President Trump signed an executive order, banning the app from being downloaded in the US from Sunday, September 20 citing security concerns.

The executive order which also affected a second Chinese App, WeChat ordered the companies to sell their operations in the United States to US Tech Companies before sundown on Sunday.

The US Government alongside several other European countries accused TikTok of harvesting user data without their knowledge for the Chinese Government as required by its National security laws.

Although TikTok denied the accusations, it went ahead to strike a partnership deal between it and Oracle as well as Walmart to avoid being banned in the US. The deal was however subject to an approval from Donald Trump who gave his blessing on Saturday, saying he accepted he deal in principle.

While on his way to a campaign rally in North Carolina, Trump said the deal would ensure the safety of the data of 100 million Americans who use the video app. “The security will be 100%”, the US President said.

The new approval however does not cover another Chinese owned firm, WeChat which will be banned from US app stores from Sunday night. Tencet, the mother company described the development as unfortunate.

TikTok on its part said it would ensure full compliance with US national security laws.

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