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EndSARS: We Will Kill Anybody Seen Protesting After 48 Hours – Abuja Indigenes Warns

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A group of men and women who identified themselves as the Indigenous people of Abuja has called in the IG of police to intervene in the matter involving the End SARS protesters.

While speaking to the representative of the IGP, they said that they are not against the police reforms but they are tired of people blocking the road and slowing down the economy.

While venting their grievances, they said they would give the IGP of police 48 hours to remove anyone protesting in Abuja off their streets. They said that anyone that wants to PROTEST should go to his or her mother’s village.

Stressing how serious they are, they said that anyone seen here protesting after 48 hours would be killed and seriously dealt with, that once that time frame expires, they would engage the end SARS protesters.

They further stressed that they were comfortable with the PROTEST before as they felt that the end SARS protesters meant well for NIGERIANS, but now, it has a political motive.

They said that now their parents can’t go about doing their Normal businesses, so anyone who wants to hijack NIGERIA would be attacked.

To show how serious he was, he swore with the name of God that after 48 hours and People are still seen blocking the road, they would be attacked and they would have the IGP of police to blame. He called on the media to take note and also handed over a document to the representative of the IGP.

The DIG of Police – Leye Oyebade addresses the Indigenous people of the FCT, after receiving their letter on behalf of the IG of Police – Muhammadu Adamu.

He addressed them saying that they have done well by bringing a well-documented and less ambiguous request and he assures them that it would get to the IGP who is currently in a meeting concerning the current problem.

He also assured them that peace would be restored soon and pleased with them not to engage anyone or cause any violence that would mar the peaceful protest they just conducted now.

He thanked them and assured them that the IGP would take necessary actions.

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