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Do You Know Killi-we Nwachukwu? Read The Story Of An Igbo Superman

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Uzoma Nwaozuzu Nwachukwu, was an Igbo Superman. He hailed from Mbaitolu in Imo state, South Eastern Nigeria. He was born in 1931 and died October 31, 1992.

He was nicknamed “Killi-we” Nwachukwu because of his enormous natural strength.

Killi-we Nwachukwu was for more than three decades celebrated as a homegrown Nigerian superman. Some of his legendary feats of strength included lifting of buses, having cement blocks crushed on his head, allowing cars to drive over his body, using his teeth to carry bags of cement, using bare hands to hammer nails, breaking coconuts on his head, six people standing on his body at the same time, etc.

How He Got His Nickname “Killi-we”:

Killi-we is a nickname he got after a fight with a stubborn man called “Tick man”, who refused to pay him his money for a truck load of goods he conveyed from the market to the man’s house. He used to push a wooden two wheel truck with which he conveyed merchandise for individuals. After dropping off the goods, the man refused paying what Nwachukwu charged him, claiming it was on the high side. He tried to walk away and Nwachukwu grabbed him by hand insisting he must pay. 

A fight erupted and he outmuscled the man and pinned him to the ground. The man’s wife ran in and came out with a wooden pestle to assist her husband. Nwachukwu snatched it from her, lifted the woman up and pinned her on top of her husband on the floor. Feeble, she began shouting, “Killi we o! Nwachukwu, You should killi we o!”, which means, Nwachukwu, kill us!. This was how his nickname came about.

His strength came from eating local food like, Akpụ, Ji and not diabolical as many insinuated.

Growing up as the most fearsome and strongest in an Igbo household, beating up your siblings unchallenged; Igbo parents will tag or call you “Killi-we Nwachukwu”.

Like the biblical Solomon, Kili-we Nwachukwu had six wives and seven concubines including a Spanish woman whom he met on one of his world tours but returned back to Europe upon seeing his other wives. He has 19 surviving children.

How Killi-we Nwachukwu Died:

Prior to his death on 31st October 1992, he always complained of rhythmic muscle movement around his body which later metamorphosed to muscle stiffness as a result of his retirement from his superman career that shot him to fame. He resorted to traditional treatment and didn’t survive. On October 31, 1992 he died in his sleep, aged 61.

Late. Legendary Igbo egwu-ekpili musician, Okonkwo Asah (Seven Seven) in one of his songs titled “Power Mike” paid tribute to Killi-we Nwachukwu.

Killi-we, was highly revered by numerous individuals of his generation for his strength and power.

Killi-we Nwachukwu: The story of an Igbo Superman 4

Man was so powerful that even as a corpse deposited at Aladinma mortuary, the morticians acknowledged, “he in the night caused uproar and will carry all other corpses and stretched himself on them”.

What a Power! What a man!! May he rest in Muscle.

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