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Danger Signal: Lagos Palace Harbalists Lay Heavy Curses On Looters Of Royal Staff And Crown

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It was already 4 days of palace without royal staff. The palace of Oba of Lagos has been experiencing troubles, the kind of which has never happened in the history of Lagos. Some angry youths have reportedly stormed the palace carting away some food items, claiming they were meant for covid-19 palliative.

The youths also carted away some other valuable items. Some amount of money, that were in hard currency, were also looted away by the youths. The royal shoes belonging to the reputable king was also carted away.

As if that is not enough. The staff of office, which signifies the kingdom was also carted away by the courageous youths. This is what actually makes the matter worse.

Meanwhile, in Yoruba land, the staff of office must never be taken away from the palace and must not leave the king. The repercussions if this happens is believed to be severe.

However on Thursday, the Lagos youths did the unthinkable. Some of them snatched away the royal staff, and till the time of this report, the staff has not returned to the palace.

A group of herbalists was seen on Sunday chanting incantation and pronouncing heavy curses on anybody that stole the staff or have it in his custody.

A particular man, probably an experienced herbalist was seen inside a shrine, with bottles of palm oil. The herbalist was seen raining heavy curses on the youths that snatched the rod away.

The curses, in the Yoruba dialect were so heavy and scary. They were asking the gods for the total misfortune of anybody that went away with the staff of office.

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