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Danger As Thugs Appears With AK47 To Fight Soldiers In Enugu

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The spate of violence that has spread to many states in Nigeria characterized by destruction and looting of many public and private properties have continue unabated.

Despite the curfew imposed by states governors to bring normalcy and order to the state, pockets of violence have continue to be witnessed.

In a rather disturbing video from Enugu State, thugs have been seen coming out with AK47 to fight soldiers deployed to the streets to enforce law and order after the state slipped into violence as public and private properties were destroyed and looted.

Strange also is the fact that onlookers can be seen and heard hailing and cheering the thugs who are armed with AK47 as a show of solidarity.

If is further disturbing how the thugs got hold of this lethal weapon. The attention of the state security agencies must be drawn to this video to quickly arrest the situation before it escalates.

Gun wielding things are the least we want to see in Nigeria as it will plunge the country into anarchy and total lawlessness.

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