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Coronavirus: Stop patronizing imported fairly used textile, NEMA warns Nigerians

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National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has warned Nigerians to stop patronizing imported fairly used textiles to ensure Corona Virus is adequately checkmated in Nigeria.
This is even as the agency has called for inclusion of Disaster management as part of academic course in universities and polytechnic curriculum.
NEMA head of Imo/Abia operations, Evans Ugoh, made the call in Owerri while addressing disaster stakeholders in a workshop on Sunday organized by NEMA.

He said it would be very dangerous for Nigerians to be patronizing imported fairly used textile, adding that continuous patronage on fairly used cloths was a direct invitation of the virus to Nigeria.
He urged FG to place serious sanction on importation of fairly used textiles in other to discourage smugglers.

“This is a massage to all Nigerians who are in the habit of patronizing fairly used cloths imported from abroad particularly contact countries
“We should be aware that those already diagnosed with the virus abroad could also dispose their cloths where it could eventually be imported to Nigeria”, he said.
He also urged government to step up awareness campaign on Corona Virus in Nigeria.

Ugoh also said inclusion of disaster management in school curriculum would help in grooming the future disaster managers in tackling disaster.

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