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Coronavirus – 1.5m vulnerable people told to go into lockdown for 12 weeks in latest battle against coronavirus

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The Prime Minister Boris Johnson Portrait


BORIS Johnson has told 1.5million vulnerable people to go into lockdown for 12 weeks in the fight against coronavirus.

The PM said it was “crucial” that Brits listened to government advice and stayed away from parks, cafes and resturants – add that “fresh air” does not give “immunity” to the deadly bug.

Mr Johnson’s warning came after Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick confirmed this morning thousands at risk of not recovering from coronavirus have officially been told to stay in for 12 weeks.

It comes as 5,018 people are now infected in the UK, with 233 deaths reported yesterday.

Around 1.5 million personally addressed letters have been sent out to those judged most likely to die from the killer virus, The Times reports.

They have been warned they should cut themselves off to protect themselves from the deadly bug.

The letters tell those at risk to avoid anyone, including people in their own home, with symptoms.

They mustn’t go out for shopping, leisure or travel and supplies need to be left at their front doors for their own protection.

Professor Paul Johnstone, director of Public Health England, said: “If you receive a letter it is vitally important that you act on it for your own protection, don’t attend any gatherings of friends or families and don’t go out for shopping, leisure or travel.”

Today PM Boris Johnson told Sun readers not to visit their mum’s on Mothering Sunday, writing: “I know that everyone’s strongest instinct is to go and see their mother in person, to have a meal together, to show them how much you love them.

“But I am afraid that this Mothering Sunday, the single best present that we can give — we who owe our mothers so much — is to spare them the risk of catching a very dangerous disease.

“And why? Because if your mother is elderly or vulnerable, then I am afraid all the statistics show that she is much more likely to die from coronavirus, or Covid-19. We cannot disguise or sugar-coat the threat.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier in the week that those who are classed as vulnerable will be contacted with the specific actions they need to take.

Experts say that older people and those with underlying health conditions are more susceptible to the deadly bug, which has infected at least 5,000 in the UK.

The Government is urging people to social distance – including steering clear of pubs and restaurants – in order to stop the spread of the bug.

Mr Hancock told Sky News: “The first thing we’re going to do is set out exactly what conditions that applies to.

“Many of these people have pre-existing health conditions and so will be very worried right now, and I understand that, and they’ll need very specific sets of action. For instance, how do you go about still getting your chemo if you have cancer whilst also social-distancing?

“If you have cancer it’s particularly important to stay away from other people, but you also of course have got to keep going with your chemotherapy.”

Mr Hancock added: “These are some of the most difficult and challenging cases so we’ll be getting in contact with them, but if people think that they are on this list and don’t receive a communication from the NHS, then they also need to get in contact.

“So that is under way, the money was announced for it yesterday. A combination of money to the NHS and money to councils because they’ve got a very big part to play in keeping people safe.”

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