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Blasphemy: Islamic Lawyers must not Defend Kano Singer – Cleric

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An Islamic Cleric, Abubakar Usman Mabera, Chairman of the Ulama Forum of Izala in Abubakar Usman Mabera, Abubakar Usman Mabera, called on Muslim lawyers not to defend Yahaya Shariff-Aminu, a Kano Musician sentenced to death for blasphemy

Yahaya was tried and found guilty of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a song he circulated on Facebook, by a Sharia Court. He was subsequently sentenced to death by hanging and was given 30 days to appeal.

The musician appealed the case and Governor Ganduje of Kano instructed lawyers attached to the Sharia court to pursue the case to a conclusive end in other to make sure the death penalty stands. He said he was ready to sign the death warrant as soon as the deadline for appeal elapsed.

Mabera the Ulama leader, also said on Sunday that any Muslim lawyer who defends the musician will be considered to have renounced Islam.

The Islamic Cleric said blasphemy is considered as a capital offence in Islam punishable by death. He said there was no way the singer could be forgiven for such a grievous sin since a competent court has tried him and found him guilty.

He also asked Muslim faithful across the country to seek God’s face and ask for forgiveness because of the worsening economic and security situation in the country.

“For all indications, God is not happy with us and we have to repent because he alone is the answer to our woes,” the cleric said.

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