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Another Oshiomhole Might Be Waiting For Obaseki In PDP Now That He Has Won Election – Opinion

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Another ‘Oshiomhole’ Might Be Waiting For Obaseki In PDP Now That He Has Won Election.

Many troubling circumstances with unpalatable outcome have confronted the Edo state Governor, Godwin Obaseki during his first term in office, and even escalated in the course of his rerun to secure a second term

He took his eyes off the raging wind and continued to press on and eventually came out victorious.

His defection to the PDP was born out of the quest for a safe heaven, and indeed, his wishes came true.

Now that Obaseki has won the election under the umbrella of the PDP, should we expect everything to go smoothly in the camp of his new found party without any rumbling alarm?

In any case, his defection from APC to PDP was undoubtedly anticipated as he stood no chance against his upset predecessor.

Be that as it may, there is no smoke without fire. The massive weight of support thrown on Governor Godwin Obaseki by the PDP chieftains after his defection to the party might not possibly be an investment without returns. 

To whom much is given, much is expected. The PDP was all out to ensure Obaseki returned victorious at the polls in the Edo gubernatorial elections, and their effort yielded fruit.

The ‘heaven’ in PDP might not remain quite the same for Obaseki after a significant period of time.

While in APC, it was Oshiomhole that was seen as a thorn in the flesh to Obaseki, and so, certainly in PDP another ‘Oshiomhole’ will arise.

It might even be more than one ‘Oshiomhole’ this time around because there was no singular individual that actually projected Obaseki. It was a massive party effort.

Those who embraced Obaseki and gave him a pat on the back for defecting to PDP will certainly desire attention, and of course ask for a portion of the ‘spoil’.

It could be recalled that when Obaseki announced his official defection to the Peoples Democratic Party, many chieftains of the party expressed their solidarity in words and in action.

The likes of Atiku Abubakar ordered for the mobilization of 150 campaign groups to support Obaseki at the September gubernatorial polls. That was massive.

Furthermore, Saraki in a way to show his support for the defecting governor, hijacked Obaseki’s battles against Oshiomhole by scornfully mocking the APC party statesman.

Governor Nyesom Wike as the campaign chairman took it upon himself to ensure that no stones were left unturned until victory was won.

Even the already prepared aspirants of the party made way for Governor Obaseki during the primaries just to save the ambition of the embattled governor.

Time will certainly reveal the underlying tone of the massive support that Obaseki enjoyed in the election from the PDP.

Essentially, many more ‘Oshiomholes’ could emanate and manifest. 

Individualistic intents will exhume and Obaseki’s ‘colour’ that we know might also resurface.

The good thing is that, now that Obaseki has won the election, he has only one term to remain governor, and so one would not be surprised if the governor makes another fold of ‘enemies’ in his ‘friends’. 

It is hoped that the governor in his second term would not be having even more detractors that may impede his pace of service to Edo people.

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